Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Best Flexible LCD Implementation Series : Spherical Shape LCD

It's been a long while since first flexible LCD introduced to techno geeks out there. And by now, none of mass product already hit the market. They are all still prototypes. Seem that no one have insight what the best product to show flexible LCD usefulness. Some propose to use it to smartphone, but then some questions arise. What added functionality it have? How about endurance? And some other questions that block the produce of Flexible LCD mass production. The good thing on it by now only for fashion purpose, style, some kind to that.

Now is time for brain storming. Think, what the best flexible LCD implementation? Digging my stupid brain, and i found some ideas. Here they are :

1. Spherical ShapeLCD is not Impossible
Wide, diagonal, and high only applies for flat LCD. If it flexible, it can be spherical, tube, and many more shapes. If it is flexible, why have to be a square? Think of a big LCD globe that can visualize 3D effect, and you watch boxing on it. You can watch punch, jab, knock out, from every angle. The cameras must having capability to capture the fight in multiple angle of course. I think this is not impossible. It's one step closer to holographic 3D projection.

2. I'm not genius, so give me time to think of this on my next post...^_^

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