Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wireless Energy Transfer Methods

There are several chalanges to our mind about future technology that can be a notable invention. One of them is about transmit energy wireless. We already know the methods, but we don't really know how it suppose to perform to make it more usable. The wireles Energy transfer methods are as follow :

1. Matter Transfer
The easies way to recognice this is light. Foton which is a matter, transfer as light and it bring it's energy to it's destination. Solar cell is what we know today to capture energy from our sun.

2. Wave transfer
Wave, resonance, is the way to transmit energy from one place to another place. Elementary school already teach us how it work. Not like light, sound can transmit through the wall with easy.

Till now, the two are the best recognizeable energy transfer without cable. Add some fantasy to feed yout brain. That is the key to create magical invention for tomorow. We need to be focus on some methods and digging deep into possible way to make usable energy transfer. Start with this question if you have idle time, "What about 3rd method?"

Probably the answer is, if we don't know the 3rd method yet, how can we make it usefull? Honesty, this is a full of waste time to think, but i think it's Ok to write and share it in internet, since our internet itseft already full of craps nowadays, isn't? LOL

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