Tuesday, November 8, 2011

iPhone Selling Way : Disadvantages for Customers

Millions iPhone 4S sold in few days. It sound amazing, and every costumers have no time to know each others' experiences on using the device until some time, screaming together complaining that their iphone not working properly. Fool customers. They always think that apple product is good, and apple has same view, so they sell craps, and everybody will swallow.

This costumer behaviour give no advantages for them and made apple act like shit. They advertise Siri as if it already final product, but the fact, it is still in beta version. There's no one on this planet sell and advertise a beta product. Battery, sound, and many others people complaints about their iPhone 4s problems. It's apple fault? No, it's your fault. Buyer fault. Their purchasing behaviour only make apple dare to sell low quality-control products.

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