Friday, November 18, 2011

Restore Deleted Files : Download Undelete 360 (1.5 Mb) Free

Undelete 360 is small application to recover deleted files. With only 1.5 Mb in size and portable, you can download it quick and use it right away with no instalation needed. Undelete 360 able to restore deleted files from any data storage like hardisk, SDcard, flashdisk, also your digital camera. This software can run in low spec computer with any windows installed.

If you need this software, here are the links :
Portabel version : Download Undelete 360 PORTABLE [undelete-360.exe, 1.5 MB, Multilingual]
Installed version : Download Undelete 360 SETUP [undelete-360-setup.exe, 1.94 MB, Multilingual]

If you need to know more about this software, or want to ask something related, visit depeloper site.

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