Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why I Must Try Linux? A Complete Answers

For those of you who are accustomed to using Windows OS with all the benefits, try linux may seem a waste of time. But learning new things would be useful, especially for the following reasons:

1. You are using a pirated windows.
There will be time your computing needs become more intensive, and you begin to use your computer for commercial needs. If the results of your efforts are not enough to buy genuine windows software and their 3rd parties, tried linux could be a good choice. Maybe all your computing needs were already covered by Linux.

2. Your computing needs are very simple
Linux already support that basic computing needs, and it can be obtained free of charge. If you only use computers for typing, browsing, multimedia, and the like, you do not have to use windows. Linux can do it all.

3. Backup when windows are having problems
Your windows do not always run smoothly. When problems happen and make your task dormant, virus for example, you could try linux from flashdisk. Linux can be very handy to use as secondary OS.

4. When you are mostly use web base apps
There are some condition that all of your business running via web apps under browser. OS just the way you log into your PC and open the browser. For that circumtances, linux is the best choice. Slow PC with linux running web base apps using php, mySQL, etc is cheap and simple, and sometime, that is all you need to run your business.

There be many other reason why you must try linux, but some reasons above can be an insigh for you to try something that you probably avoid in most of your time related to computing needs.

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