Sunday, October 23, 2011

Methods to Create Profitable Blog

To create a profitable blog need a good strategy. If you are diligent, blogs eventually be profitable, but how long it will take? A year? Two years? That's why we need a strategy to shorten the time needed to create a profitable blog.

Basically, a blog gets more visitors from search engines via two ways.

1. Optimize the quality of content and keywords
2. Optimizing content and keyword variations

If there are any other ways, the most likely is a combination of both. So, let discus it further one by one.

1. Optimize the quality of content and keywords
If you are quite expert in the field that you write, this method is highly recommended. With quality content for readers and keywords that are optimized for search engines, content will naturally be referred by other blogs, get inbound links, and has more value base on search engines perspective. Naturally also, search engines will consider keywords that are internally optimized. Basically, this kind of content that is expected by readers and search engines, and of course, the blog owner also.

This is not an easy way, but it can be easy if you look at it that way. Therefore, many suggested that the blog should contain things that liked, mastered, and also enjoyed. If it were so, the blog will flow and be useful for all.

2. Optimizing content and keyword variations
People use search engines with the way they like. They are looking for something with a variety of keywords, and common misspellings. This opens up space for blog writers to be creative. Encompass many search engine users through a lot of posts with various keywords. You don't have to be an expert to do this method. As long as you aren't lazy to post, traffic will come eventually.

Sometimes, this method is abused by unresponsible individual just to get instant result with minimum effort. Trash posts spread everywhere, so annoying. I don't think that this problem will be easy to solve, even by google. Google penalty, like sandbox, only made those individuals create another one.

Ok, guys. I think id on't have energy left to discus it further. Anytime soon maybe. Thanks for reading.

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