Thursday, November 24, 2011

Portable Phone Charger with External Battery

Powerful Smartphone made battery dry quick. Instead complain with no result, PowerGen Mobile Juice Pack can be a solution. It have 2900mAH battery to charge your phone so you don't miss important call. This device compatible with HTC Sensation 4G XE XL, EVO 3D, ThunderBolt, Inspire 4G, Sprint EVO, EVO Shift 4G, Desire Z / Google Nexus S / Motorola Arix, Triumph, Droid X 3 2 Bionic / Samsung Galaxy S2, Epic 4G / Blackberry Curve, Storm, Storm2, Bold, Torch / Also fits iPhone 4s 4 3Gs 3G and others.
  • Extra High Capacity, 2900mAh, Capable to perform 2 to 3 charging cycle for most mobile device (2 charging cycle for iPhone 4) 
  • Slim, Sleek, Compact, portable and stylish Design. Convenient to carry in your pocket or purse. Leave it plugged in to your phone 
  • Rechargeable: Convenient rechargeable battery allowing you to always have a battery charging backup when you are away from a AC outlet 
  • Smart Design: With Build Micro USB 5 pin Male Connector for charging most latest Mobile Devices. 
  • Package includes: PowGen Juice Pack, USB charge cable with three exchangeable connectors ( Connector for iPhone, Nokia Small DC, and Micro USB 5Pin)

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