Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs Death, Apple Future also Death for Sure!

Steve Jobs was the central of apple success. He had vision and have capability to make it happen in to reality. After his death, apple wouldn't be the same again. Every good manager can manage an organization in daily activity, but only few people can see the destination of what they are doing.

What apple will be on each years was on Jobs head. Each movement of the company drive by his lead. What we can see after the absense of Steve jobs? Here they are :

1. Apple vs Samsung Battle
This is ridiculous. Samsung was apple close business relation since many of apples' hardware produced by samsung. The battlefield is on court that Apple sued Samsung start in April in the United States, alleging the product design, user interface and packaging of Samsung's Galaxy devices. Seem that apple will never create anything new again when it start focusing on what they had belong not to be followed. For company which is rapidly evolve and create something new, apple sued is embarassing if we see it from an innovators perspective. Is apple follow microsoft to create money from court not from innovation? You tell me.

2. Launch of iPhone 4S
What? iPhone 4 again? Are you kidding me? Yes, apple probably lost their creativity both on product and market insight. When any other phone manufacturer create many product to compete  in the red blood battle competition, what apple doing is telling the world that they produce uninovative stuff. What they are thinking?

For BIG company that lead smartphone market with only one (one, yes?) type of phone model, for years.. the performance of this company is questionable.

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