Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nokia Distribution, Key To Compete With Apple, RIM, and Android Manufacturers.

For people who too engaged with internet and forgot about real world, Nokia will look so inferior comparing with another rising star phone maker like Apple or Samsung. But, in fact, Nokia still being market leader in this area. Nokia is best known for their product distribution that cover deeply into each town of many countries.

The world is not only US that selling cellphone mostly with contract. Each country have different character on consuming these things. In Indonesia, for example, people are buying stuff at their nearest store. The guarantee of  products they purcase are rely on the store, so they prefer buying product which have good guarantee service from the store (they were purchased). At the end, each brand owner have to give their best service to the store so their product have recomendation and get better chance to be sold.

Nokia is good in this part. Along the company journey to be market leader, they learn on country character, on consumer profile. Nokia not only rely on their products. In fact, to be market leader, a company has to be good on every part on selling process, and i think, Nokia only need some tweak on their product to remain on top.

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